Your hostess, Elisabeth, is a fully qualified tour guide for the local battlefields; Isandlwana, Rorke's drift, Blood River and specializes in the Prince Imperial Napoléon IV, who was killed just outside Nqutu.

We will take you as the tourist on guided tours to the exact site. Elisabeth presents English and French tours as she is both English and French speaking. Dundee is named the heart of the battlefields  as there are 68 battles and skirmish sites nearby.

The Talana Museum is a must and will keep you busy for half a day. Visit the Talana Museum website - cultural tours must be arranged well in advance where you will be taken on a 4x4 and experience the genuine Zulu culture.
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Nestling in a valley in the picturesque Biggarsberg are the towns of Dundee and Glencoe. At the base of Indumeni mountain, the highest peak in the Biggarsberg range of mountains is Wasbank, a small town which time has appeared to pass by. Indumeni means "where the thunder rolls" and the area around this mountain is Endumeni, hence the name of the municipal authority of this area.

Situated equidistant between Durban and Johannesburg, with well-established road, rail and air infrastructure, the Endumeni region is the geographic centre of Northern KwaZulu-Natal. The whole area has a fascinating and multi-faceted history. There are numerous interesting and unusual places to visit, and in doing so you can experience our culture and heritage.
The area is home to a number of skilled crafts people. Pottery, wood work, hand knotted carpets, woven grass baskets, Zulu beadwork. Artists and craft people can be seen at work in their own environment. Currently the main industry is agriculture. The main farming activity is cattle and local livestock sales are among the most lucrative in KwaZulu-Natal. Sheep, dairy and crop farming also form part of the agricultural enterprise. The headquarters of the Natalagri Farmers' Co-operative is situated in Dundee
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We have great adventures on the Battlefields and no mud can stop this French Tour Guide in her Renault duster.
Battlefields Tours are captivating for the youth with an  our Wonderful and fun French Tour Guide.